welcome to my carrd !

i'm blackie or cookie or whatever you want to call me !
i draw and animate cats a lot :D

you can find my commissions here !

general info abt me !

> i use they / them pronouns and my preferred name is blackie or cookie !

> my hobbies include art, working on my little cat story and sometimes math or sciency stuff hehe

> i usually don't mind talking to people so feel free to contact me via toyhou.se or discord !

> i use aggie.io to make my art and ezgif.com for any animation or wiggle icons i make ! sometimes i use adobe after effects for tweening though, and yea thats it !!

other misc notes !

> i'm most active on toyhou.se and discord !

> i'm also a minor so pls dont send me nsfw !! its okay if you interact with me in a sfw way, if you draw nsfw idm that ! also sex jokes r fine by me too haha

> my grammar n spelling isn't the best sorry !

> i use exclamation marks, emotes like :3 and :D and <3 platonically, so lmk if any of these bother you !!

> the only social medias i have are : artfight, deviantart, discord, instagram, reddit, toyhouse, twitter and youtube ; anyone who claims to be me on any other social media is most likely not me

> oh and my birthday is may 24 incase anyone wanted to know JFKLSDJSDFL